Long is a natural comedienne. Her show was essentially a stand up comedy routine which included music, reminding us of the great Judy Tenuta. She had the audience in stitches throughout her show, and definitely gave them something to think about and to enjoy. Her stories were heartfelt and so relatable, and her musical accompaniment was a joy to behold.
— LA Music Critic, http://www.lamusiccritic.com/indie_voice_blog/hff18-day-3-see-it-or-skip-it-part-2/


Art school, modern womanhood, hilarious moments from comi-tragic relationships that almost existed…followed up with, “what’s next, world?” Lanessa Long uses songs and stories encapsulating the melodramatic nature of being 22 and on the cliffs of severe unknowns. Filled with spicy, fluid piano riffs, and slick, character-filled vocals, this show is a funny, witty, insightful, and poignant display of finding identity amidst angst.


In 2018, I wrote and premiered "Nobody's Really Helped Me" at California Institute of the Arts. I then put it up at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where I sold-out multiple performances, was awarded The Best of the Broadwater, and nominated for the Larry Cornwall Award for Musical Excellence. I've also performed this show at the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, and throughout the rest of 2018 will be putting it up at the Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and the United Solo Theater Festival - which is the world’s largest solo theater festival - in New York City.

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